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Giving children a head start on reading before they begin kindergarten or first grade gives them time to develop reading readiness in an unhurried way. When a child is prepared for grade level reading expectations, feelings of frustration and discouragement will not be experienced. Children who may have potential learning problems such as dyslexia, have extra time to practice beginning reading skills in a stress free and supportive environment.

Research has shown that young children who learn to read before first grade have a learning advantage that continues through their educational years from 1st grade through 12th grade. (Seigel and Hanson, 1992). In addition, many young children between the ages of 4 to 6 years old have a natural interest in learning about letters and words.

Warning Signs of Potential Learning Challenges:

Early indicators in preschoolers and kindergartners:
    Delayed speech
    Chronic ear infections
    Difficulty pronouncing simple words and mixing up syllables in longer words
    Difficulty learning the alphabet, numbers and rhyming
    Difficulty learning colors and shapes
Indicators in students grades 1-2:
    Slow to learn and remember the connection between letters and sounds
    Difficulty spelling words correctly
    Slow and inaccurate reading
    Strong resistance to reading
    Cannot remember sight words
    Fine motor skills are slow to develop
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Reading Fundamentals, Pam Deines