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Kindergarten! Here I Come!

Give your child a head start on kindergarten! Ensuring your child has a firm handle on key early learning concepts can help secure success in school right from the beginning. Reading FUNdamentals uses a gentle and affirming teaching approach that builds self-confidence and independence.

This 12 week program uses hands-on activities, multi-sensory material, and games, so that your child will learn:

The building blocks of reading:
        Phonemic awareness
        Letter/sound connections
        How to segment and blend sounds to read 3-letter words (such as cat, bed, sit, box)
Correct letter formation
Correct pencil grip
Vocabulary concepts, such as opposites (over-under, smaller-larger, first, next, last, etc.)
Beginning math concepts that develop a child's natural sense of numbers
Basic measuring and comparing
Scissor cutting