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is developmentally appropriate and researched-based.

teaches vital foundational skills through direct instruction and a multi-sensory approach using the visual, auditory, vocal and kinesthetic-motor pathways.

is simple, clear, and logical giving your child insight into the structure of the spoken and written word, and the ability to work out new words on their own.

provides success at each step by moving at your child’s pace of understanding, leading to confidence, motivation and excitement about learning.

eliminates guessing words and develops thinking and reasoning skills.

uses games, hands-on activities, and decodable books to reinforce learning in a fun, engaging, and purposeful way for young children.

teaches children what they need to know before asking them to do it, and emphasizes learning through understanding – not memorizing.

highlights handwriting through learning correct letter formation helping children develop a sense of order and focus. Handwriting also strengthens the connection between letters and sounds boosting reading skills.

teaches the complete alphabetic code.