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b t wh ie
c v ea aw
d w ar ee
f x ey ur
g y qu ue
h z ck ew
j a ai au
k e or ir
l i ou ui
m o oa oy
n u ow oi
p sh igh eigh
r ch ay er
s th oo oe

Alphabetic Code: Letters represent the speech sounds that form our spoken words and can be seen as a code for those sounds in our written English language.

Basic code: 1 letter represents 1 sound: b- a- t = bat - 3 letters - 3 sounds This is where instruction starts - the 26 letters and sounds of the alphabet are taught. Using only 1 letter - 1 sound correspondence, the student is shown how to blend the sounds for reading and segment sounds for spelling. Next is:

Advanced code: 2 or more letters represent 1 sound: b-oa-t = boat - 4 letters - 3 sounds This part of the alphabetic code often creates confusion for the young reader unless it is directly addressed. Reading FUNdamentals goes through the entire advanced code, showing the child the nature of our written code that we use to read and spell.

Then compound and multi-syllable words are taught.