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Kindergarten! Here I Come Program! Boost Reading Skills
Grades 1-2-3

READING FUNDAMENTALS, located in the heart of Gig Harbor, is here to provide a learning-to-read process that has proven through research to be the most effective and efficient teaching approach.

Your child will form a strong foundation for reading, spelling and handwriting success by learning to:

Understand the structure of the spoken and written word
Recognize how the letters of the alphabet are used to represent the sounds heard in spoken words
Say and blend each sound in a word for reading
Write the letter(s) for each sound in a word for spelling

One-on-one tutoring and intervention can make a major difference in your child’s ability to read easily and well. Reading is THE key that opens the door to all learning. Mastering reading empowers, motivates, and gives children a strong sense of success and accomplishment. When children gain insight into what they are learning, they become active participants in their own learning process. They are then able to transfer these new skills to related tasks and become independent learners.

Contact Pam today to discuss your child's reading needs.

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